Security and privacy policy

Version 1.0, June 19, 2018

This security and privacy policy applies to all development and design work done at Fingertips.

Our design and development approach to privacy and security:

  1. consciously limits the amount of personal data captured and the duration this data is retained;
  2. proactively considers implementation concerns such as authentication, authorization, data integrity, and encryption; and
  3. actively communicates knowledge and promotes behavior to helps everyone involved to protect themselves from deception and social manipulation by malicious actors.

By doing so, we always have, and always will continue to go beyond the current legal requirements.


The following guidelines should be followed by anyone working at or for Fingertips:

While you work

Design and development

Privacy statement

We also have a privacy statement that applies to our website and the way we handle personal data.


More information regarding confidentiality can be found in article 19 of our general terms and conditions.